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How to Tell Difference Between 2A12 And 6061 Aluminum

6061 aluminum is and aluminum-silicon with a copper content of 0.15-0.4, 2A12 is an aluminum-copper alloy with a copper content of 3.8-4.9. 2A12 aluminum is a high-strength hard aluminum, which can be heat treated and strengthened.

2A12 aluminum alloy has good spot welding performance, but has a endency to form intergranular cracks when using gas welding and argon arc welding. 2A12 aluminum alloy has good machinability after cold work hardening. Its corrosion resistance is not high, which can be improved by the anodizing treatment and painting methods. What are the differences between 6061 and 2A12?

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Different prices

Their price difference is huge. 2A12 aluminum is about $1500 per ton more expensive than 6061 aluminum cost.

Different hardness

The hardness of 6061 aluminum alloy after heat treatment is about 90HB, while the hardness of 2A12 aluminum plate can reach 120HB. 2A12 belongs to ultra-high-strength aluminum alloy, and it is also a high-end product among aluminum plates.

Different production requirements

There are many manufacturers that can produce 6061 aluminum plate. However, there are a few manufacturers can produce 2a12 aluminum plate. Haomei Aluminum is one of them in China.

Different density

The density of 6061 aluminum plate is 2.7, and the density of 2A12 is around 2.78-2.79 due to the higher copper content.

Different uses

2A12 aluminum sheet is mainly used in high-end products, such as military industry, aerospace, high-precision molds, etc., while 6061 aluminum alloy is relatively widely used in wheel hubs, mobile phone shells, mobile phone card slots, subway light rail,etc.

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