Aircraft aluminum sheet features lightness, strength and workability,used in commerical aircraft,military airplane,spacecraft,etc. Rich aviation aluminum alloys for you.


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Aviation Aluminum 2219 7050

The reason why 7050 aluminum in large aircraft is important is mainly based on the following reasons:

Firstly, 7050 aluminum alloy has excellent strength and lightweight properties. This makes it an indispensable key material in aircraft manufacturing, especially in the manufacturing of key load-bearing components such as aircraft wing beams, ribs, fuselage frames, and wall panels. By using 7050 aluminum alloy, aircraft can maintain a low overall weight while bearing heavy loads, thereby improving flight efficiency and reducing fuel consumption.

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Secondly, 7050 aluminum alloy also has good corrosion resistance. In aircraft manufacturing, the corrosion resistance of materials is crucial because it ensures that aircraft can operate stably for a long time in complex and changing environments. The corrosion resistance of 7050 aluminum alloy enables it to maintain stable performance under harsh environmental conditions and extend the service life of the aircraft.

Haomei Aluminum can supply 7050 aluminum sheet, which not only meets the needs of domestic large aircraft manufacturing, but also improves the international competitiveness of domestic high-end aluminum alloy industries.

Aluminum 2219 is a high-strength aluminum alloy with high yield strength and tensile strength. It is commonly used in manufacturing aerospace vehicles, automobile parts, building structures and other fields.

What are its superior properties?

1. High strength: he yield strength and tensile strength of 2219 aluminum alloy are about 20% higher than that of commonly used 6061 aluminum alloy, and it is suitable for making high-strength structural parts.

2. Corrosion resistance: 2219 aluminum alloy has poor corrosion resistance and requires surface anodization to enhance its corrosion resistance.

3. Machining performance: 2219 aluminum alloy has good machining performance and can easily perform mechanical processing such as sawing, drilling, and grinding.

4. Brazing properties: 2219 aluminum alloy has poor brazing properties and requires the use of special brazing materials for welding.

5. Suitable for high-temperature environments: 2219 aluminum alloy is suitable for making components that work in high-temperature environments, such as structural parts of aerospace vehicles, rocket fuel tanks, etc.

2219 aluminum alloy processing technology:

1. Raw material preparation: 2219 aluminum alloy is usually produced in the form of bars or plates. Before processing, raw materials need to be inspected to ensure that their quality meets requirements.

2. Cutting: 2219 aluminum alloy is generally cut by laser cutting or mechanical cutting. During the cutting process, attention needs to be paid to the selection of cutting lines and the control of cutting speed to ensure cutting quality and efficiency.

3. Blanking: Blanking is one of the commonly used methods in 2219 aluminum alloy processing. During the punching process, the punching pressure and speed need to be strictly controlled to avoid material damage or cracks.

4. Welding: 2219 aluminum alloy is usually welded by MIG welding, TIG welding and other methods. During the welding process, attention needs to be paid to the selection of welding parameters and the control of welding sequence to ensure welding quality and efficiency.

5. Surface treatment: The surface treatment of 2219 aluminum alloy mainly includes polishing, frosting, spraying and other treatment methods. During the surface treatment process, attention needs to be paid to the control of surface quality and the selection of surface treatment processes to ensure the surface treatment effect.

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