Aircraft aluminum sheet features lightness, strength and workability,used in commerical aircraft,military airplane,spacecraft,etc. Rich aviation aluminum alloys for you.


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The Common Aircraft Aluminum Alloys

The aircraft aluminum alloy is a kind of high-strength deformed aluminum alloy, which is currently widely used in the aviation industry. It has good mechanical and processing properties, good plasticity after solution treatment, and good heat treatment strengthening effect.

Generally, it has high strength and toughness below 150°C (or even higher), and is an ideal structural material. In addition, aviation aluminum is light in weight and has a significant lightweight effect, which has replaced the steel’s leading position of current aviation materials. Airplane has high requirements for aluminum, which is an important high-end application market for aluminum alloy.

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Aircraft aluminum sheet is the main structural material for the manufacturing of large aircraft due to its high specific strength, good forming and processing properties. It can be used for the those pars like wing skin, wing girders, upper and lower edge bars of wing spars, webs, fuselage girders, seat slides, keel beams, side frames, fuselage skins, lower fuselage panels, main floor stringer,etc.

For example, the aluminum alloy used in A380-800 Airbus accounts for the largest proportion, reaching 61%, that in A350-900XWB Airbus accounts for 20%, and Boeing 787-8 Airbus accounts for 15%-20%.

The aluminum alloys used in large aircraft structures worldwide are mainly high-strength 2xxx aluminum(2224, 2324, 2424, 2524 2024 aluminum alloy) and high strength 7xxx aluminum(7475, 7050, 7150, 7055, 7085, 7075 aluminum sheet).

2xxx aluminum belongs to the Al-Cu-Mg series alloy, which is called high-strength duralumin, and is the most widely used structural aluminum alloy. The tensile strength of 2xxx aluminum is 400~500 MPa, which is lower than the room temperature strength of 7xxx alloy, but its heat resistance, fatigue characteristics, especially fatigue crack growth resistance are all higher than 7xxx aluminum.

7xxx aluminumalloy belongs to the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu series alloy. This type of alloy has high specific strength and hardness, good corrosion resistance, high toughness, and excellent processing performance. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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