Aircraft aluminum sheet features lightness, strength and workability,used in commerical aircraft,military airplane,spacecraft,etc. Rich aviation aluminum alloys for you.


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What Are The Aircraft Aluminum Grades?

The aluminum alloys used in large aircraft structures in various countries around the world today are mainly high-strength 2 series (2024, 2224, 2324, 2424, 2524, etc.) and ultra-high-strength 7 series (7075, 7475, 7050, 7150, 7055, 7085, etc.). Their proportions in civil passenger aircraft reach approximately 38% and 45% respectively.

7075 aero grade aluminium belongs to the Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloy and is a cold-processed forged alloy with high strength. It has ordinary corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. Fine grains enable better deep drilling performance and enhanced tool wear resistance.

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Its representative applications are aerospace, mold processing, mechanical equipment, and tooling fixtures. It is especially used to manufacture aircraft structures and other high-stress structures that require high strength and strong corrosion resistance.

2024 aluminum alloy is a commonly used material in the current aircraft manufacturing process. It not only has high plasticity, but also has many advantages such as fatigue expansion resistance, heat resistance, and fracture toughness. 2024 aluminum alloy is mainly used in aircraft structures that require high strength, such as fuselage, wings, webs, etc.

In addition to high toughness, 2014 aluminum alloy also has many advantages such as stress corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance. Therefore, it is often used in the manufacturing of civil aircraft such as Boeing and Airbus. 2224 aluminum alloy is a product obtained by further optimization of 2024 aluminum alloy. The properties of this aluminum alloy are more suitable for T351 extrusions. This kind of extrusions are often used to manufacture large aircraft such as Boeing 767 and Boeing 757.

6063 aluminum alloy is a well-known aluminum alloy with high strength, good corrosion resistance and strong plasticity. Compared with other aluminum alloy materials, it is more suitable for making various structural parts.

In the aerospace field, 6063 aluminum rods are also widely used. This is because it is lighter in weight and has higher strength than other aluminum alloys. Aerospace equipment has high requirements. Using 6063 aluminum rods can make aircraft or satellites more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, as well as stronger and more reliable.

6061 aluminum has higher strength and hardness than 6063 due to its higher silicon and copper content. It has a tensile strength of approximately 45,000 psi and a yield strength of approximately 40,000 psi. This high strength-to-weight ratio makes 6061 an excellent choice for applications where material strength is critical, such as the manufacture of aircraft and yacht components, bicycle frames, and all-terrain vehicle (ATV) parts. All the above alloys are of aerospace aluminum grades. Welcome to leave message below to inquire what you need.

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