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What Are The Properties of Aerospace Aluminum Alloys 2024

Aluminium alloy 2024 is a typical hard aluminum alloy in the aluminum-copper-magnesium series. It features high compressive strength, certain temperature resistance, and can be used as working parts below 150 degrees, which is used for the manufacture of skins, beams, bulkheads, and wings.

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2024 aluminum sheet can be strengthened by heat treatment ,therefore the solution treatment has a great influence on the mechanical properties. When the solution temperature is 480~490 ℃, the room temperature mechanical properties of 2024 are unstable; while at 490~505 ℃, its room temperature mechanical properties tend to be stable.

At 490~505 ℃, the strength increases steadily with the increase of temperature , the elongation (δ10) does not fluctuate significantly. Therefore, solid solution at 490~505 ℃ can meet the room temperature mechanical properties requirements of 2024 alloy.

When the aging temperature is 175 ℃, and after aging for 6-16 h, the yield strength of 2024 aluminum is at a low level. When the aging time is 16 h, the yield strength is 360 MPa, which is slightly higher than the standard.

When the aging time is 185 ℃, the yield strength after aging is higher than the standard 345 MPa. With the prolongation of aging time, the yield strength increases continuously. When the aging time is 14 h, it reaches the highest 393 MPa, and then the yield strength gradually decreases.

When the aging temperature was 190 ℃, the yield strength of the material remains at a high level in the whole aging process, ranging from 379 to 403 MPa, which is about 300 MPa higher than that in the annealed state. When the aging was 10 to 12 h, the yield strength reaches the highest value of about 403 MPa. In summary, when the aging temperature is 190 ℃ and the aging time is 8-14 h, 2024 aerospace aluminum alloy has good mechanical properties and a wide range of process parameters.

The strengthening of 2XXX series aluminum alloy mainly depends on the strengthening phase with fine dispersion distribution. The main precipitation phase in the 2024 aluminum alloy grain is S’(main strengthening phase) and θ’. With the prolongation of aging time and the increase of aging temperature, the S′+θ′ (θ) phase coarsens and the density decreases, which leads to the decrease of the yield strength and plasticity of 2024 aluminum alloy.. After aging at 190 ℃ × 9 h, the yield strength of 2024 aluminum alloy remains at a high level.

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