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What Is Aircraft Aluminum Sheet Thickness

In the manufacture of large aircraft, aluminum alloy materials account for a considerable proportion. The aluminum alloy materials of the French Airbus A380 aircraft account for 61%, the aluminum alloy materials of the American Boeing 767 passenger aircraft account for about 81%, and that of the Chinese domestic large aircraft C919 accounts for for about 70% of the total weight.

According to the aircraft aluminum sheet thickness, they all belong to thick aluminum sheet, which are mainly used for the production of aircraft fuselage, wings, tail and skin and other components. These parts are usually directly milled from high-strength aluminum alloy thick plates to reduce manufacturing costs, reduce body mass and facilitate management. If the aluminum plate is not thick enough, these large parts cannot be cut at all.

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The aluminum sheet thickness of C919 aircraft plane is up to 200mm, and it must also meet the performance requirements of corrosion resistance, high strength, fatigue resistance, dimensional stability, easy machining (polishing, cutting, etc.)

Aluminum thick plates can be divided into ingot hot-rolled thick plates and cast thick plates according to the production process. The thickness of the cast thick plate is basically unlimited (the maximum thickness can reach 1.2 meters); the mechanical properties of the hot rolled thick plate are better after the rolling process, so the aviation products generally use the hot rolled aluminum plate.

The typical production process of aerospace aluminum sheet metal is: raw material - casting - ingot milling - hot rolling - solution treatment - quenching - stretching - sawing. Due to the large temperature difference between the inside and outside of the plate during quenching, when the aluminum thick plate exceeds 6mm, a large quenching residual stress will be formed.

The thicker the aluminum alloy sheet, the greater the internal quenching residual stress, and the greater the tensile force required for the stretching process. The tensile force required to stretch the aluminum alloy thick plate with a thickness of 200mm will reach 10,000 tons.

With the appearance of the 12,000-ton aviation-grade aluminum alloy sheet tension stretching machine independently developed by China, Haomei Aluminum also has the ability to make it. Welcome to leave message below to inquire Haomei aerospace aluminum sheet metal.

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