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The Main Aircraft Aluminum Alloy for Fuselage

Aircraft aluminum alloys have the advantages of low density, high strength, and good thermal processing performance. The plates, extruded profiles, and hubs made of them have broad application prospects in aerospace components.

For example, high-strength aluminum alloy thick plates are used as the main load-bearing components, and the proportion of use accounts for 30% to 35% of the total aluminum consumption in the aircraft.

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ARJ21 Airplane

The ARJ2I aircraft is mainly made of aluminum alloy. T77511 alloy is used to make the upper panel of the wing, and the landing gear joint is forged with 7055-T77 alloy. Among the 7xxx alloys, 7055 aluminum has the highest average total content of alloying elements at 12.35%, and the average total content of iron and silicon is the lowest, only 0.125%.

The rivet alloys used in ARJ21 airplanes include 2014, 2219, 3003, 5052, 5056, 7050 alloys,etc. 2219 alloy rivets are used for riveting high-strength internal and external structures, and 7050-T73 alloy rivets are used for riveting high-strength corrosion-resistant structures. Rivets must be anodized with sulfuric acid solution and sealed with dichromate before riveting.

2524-T3 alloy is an alloy with broad application. All skins of ARJ21-700 regional airliner are made of its pre-stretched sheets, including fuselage skin, rear fuselage skin, underwing fuselage skin ,vertical tail skin, elevator skin, flat tail skin, spoiler skin,etc.

C919 Airplane

In the selection of materials for the C919 aircraft, a large number of traditional aluminum alloys are selected, such as 7075-T62, 7075-T73, 7050-7452, 7075-T73511, 7050-T77511, 7075-T7351, 7050-T7452, 7150-T77511, forged 7075 T6 aluminum , 7055-T7751, 7055-T76511, 7085-TT651, 7085-T7452; 2024-T42, 2523-T3, 2024-T3511, 2024HDT-T351, 2026-T3511, etc. A a certain number of third-generation aluminum- Lithium alloys: 2198-T8, Al-Li-Sc-T8, 2096-T8511, 2099-T83, etc., are also used.

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